Hi people ! Back in the good old days of B-Movies , pulp magazines or comics you could sometimes see a scene like the one to the left: A monster or robot carrying off a fainted heroine in his arms. Find out more about the "carry phenomenon" here !


"Why do we need a site about this ?", you might ask. Easy: Because I say so :-) To be honest: When I first got on the net I found out that there were many sites dealing with whatever stuff you go for, but no site about this special liking of mine. So I built this page for people like me (if there are some out there...). So if you are into this stuff as well, let me carry you away...

Update informations:

25.12.10: Small update this time: New Movie Clips (now on YouTube), a new Poser Pic, some new Movie Posters, new Pulps, new Vidcaps und also some new Misc Stuff.
Enjoy whatīs there while itīs there !
("IN MY ARMS" is online since 25.02.02)

Click her for my Poser stuff at "deviantart". Maybe you want to take a look :-)

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This is my first humble attempt at building a homepage. Please donīt expect too much ;-) If you got something to say (or even pics for the site), send a mail to or use the Guestbook.