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Special Offer


"Iīll make you an offer you canīt refuse..." :-)

OK, I know what you think now: "This sucker is just like the others: Starts a nice homepage and
as soon as he has more than 200 hits he makes it a paysite !" WRONG !
What I have to offer you is this: You get access to a little ftp server filled with (at the moment)
over 350 movie files of arm carry scenes from TV-Shows or Movies that is open 24/7.
(File size between 0.7 and 8.0 MB, NO FULL MOVIES *g*)
All you have to do to is send me something I can use on this homepage. Maybe some
vidcaps I donīt have, some Movie Poster, a scanned Pulp or Comic, even artwork you did
yourself. It must feature an unconscious woman carried in the arms of somebody/something
and it may not be stolen from this page or already be featured here (also please donīt send me pics
from my friend Allanīs page or similar *g*), thatīs all.
Gimme something I donīt have already :-)
As soon as you sent me something like this, I will send you a mail with the adress to my ftp server
as well as a username and password. And then the downloading can start :-)
ONE MAJOR RULE: Please donīt send me pics from production companies like Sleepyrealm or
similar fetish producersī paysites. Just mainstream media (or selfmade stuff) is allowed !
And hereīs the adress where you should send your stuff to qualify for access to my ftp server:
P.S.: As this site only features "real looking" arm carries I have to define the difference between
"good armcarry" and "bad armcarry" I guess. Pictures where the womanīs head is placed on
the manīs (monsterīs, alienīs...) shoulder wonīt be posted here and wonīt get you access to my
server. The pics below should show what I mean :-)